Get More Online Reviews + Drive Customers Back to Your Store, Again and Again

Do you wish to increase your small business’ search engine rankings? Are you looking to increase your customer base? Do you want to improve your brand’s visibility in the local business listings?


QR Code Marketing for Small Business

Simple & Effective

Rank Higher on Google

With our help you will automatically receive a high number of reviews from your customers on Google, TripAdvisor, etc. and rank way better on these platforms.

Adaptable & Flexible

Our table standee can be adjusted according

to your needs and is available in many versions and sizes.

Build Your Customer Base

With our help you can reach out to all of your customer with just one simple click to drive them back to your location.

Improve Customer Relationships

If you give your customers a little gift, like a free coffee etc... they will remember this and will become a repeat customer!

Everything Works With Their


To use this smart system your customers only need their smartphone and 15 seconds of their time.

Increase Your Sales

Because you will rank better on Google and other platforms you will get a huge increase in customers organically. And by building your customer list you can send out offers directly to their smartphones. Your sales will increase dramatically.



Picture this...

40 people scan the digital table standee in your retail store every day…


…that’s 1,200 customers a month with the business being open 30 days!


If only...

20% of them gave you a Google review, you would have:


240 Google reviews per month.


Better yet, you can now contact all 1,200 people ALL with ONE CLICK!

That means...

You can send out exclusive promotions, special offers, deals, news, etc... to all 1,200 people with just one click.


And that’s just the first month!


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